15ml Aroma Essential Oil (Humidifier)

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One of the best selling items in our store, this 15ml aroma essential oil is sure to please! Whether to add into our humidifier or dilute it for aroma burner, this mini bottle will make your space smells wonders!

  • Choose from Ocean, White Tea, Blue Bell, Hydrangea, Gardenia Blossom, Rose Tea Peony, Lavender, Lemongrass, Hyacinth and Verbene.
  • Direction: Drip 2-3 drops into the water before turning on your humidifier or any aroma diffuser. It will take about 3-5 minutes for the scent to diffuse.
  • Can also be used in other forms of aromatherapy.
  • Base note for each: White Tea (musky floral), bluebell (subtle floral), hydrangea (floral with a slight tinge of citrus), gardenia blossom (jasmine note), rose tea (subtle rose), ocean (refreshing note), lavender & lemongrass self explanatory. 

NOTE: For essential oil used for our humidifier/diffuser, we do not recommend customers to use other essential oil apart from this oil as the composition of oil to water can be different for all brands which indirectly will cause blockage to the humidifier, ultimately resulting in damage.