Marble Scented Candle

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Encased in matte marble glass case, they are beautiful as home decor and makes a wonderful gift option for any occasion. Its floral fragrance pervades through any desired space, giving your home a touch of coziness with its very own signature scent. Made from long lasting aroma essential oil and natural soy wax , an environmental friendly ingredient and does not contain paraffin. 

Available in following aroma + case colour:

  • Freesia (Pink Marble)
  • English Rose (Pink Marble)
  • White Tea (Pink Marble)
  • Lavender (White Marble)
  • Bluebell (White Marble)
  • Gardenia (White Marble)

Gross weight : 500g

**Burning time will last for 70 hours plus, please do not light up the candle more than 4 hours at a time