Sustainable and Beneficial - Both Our Skin & the Environment

Sustainable and Beneficial - Both Our Skin & the Environment

As the world moves towards a more sustainable living and with the rising awareness of our declining quality of lives we see many urban consumers have since made effort, be it plastic bag reduction, or using animal cruelty free products or even using all natural cosmetics, big or small effort each individual has helped and played a part in conserving the earth resources. 

When our co founders made a trip to Thailand back in Feb'20, they were proud to have met Maria Kalita, owner of Bangkok Soap Opera who specializes in handmade soap and beauty products. Going by the belief "natural beauty products should not be expensive", our co founders clicked immediately with Maria and were very much impressed by her enthusiasm, professionalism and endless knowledge of ingredients and tools used to preserve the most natural state of her product as well as helping the environment.

Maria has conducted more than hundreds of workshops across Asia and other countries in the past few year, educating and promoting handmade products which very often uses simple fresh ingredients that we can get at the back of our garden. Her "famous" product was the 'hydrosol' - or better known commercially as 'flower water' or 'essence water', although all are vastly different in its quality and nature as compared to what Maria meant by hydrosol. She is known for using her favourite copper alembic, a vintage looking copper distiller that is not commonly found in this part of the world for all her hydrosol production. 

To write about her entire collection and why they are so different and special from the commercial "natural products" would take more than a day as each contains so much more unknown knowledge and information which not every consumer is aware of esp when buying skincare products. Marketing and packaging played an important role in this industry, but RYO Lifestyle believe in long term effect for both self and also the environment. All soap remnants used by Maria are recycled and donated to the nearest charity house in Thailand. If you have used cooking oil you can even donate it to Maria and she will remake them into beautiful batches of soap! Maria's product packaging is very often just a brown paper bag but she would often adorn it with dried real fruit ,something so simple but at the same time so effortlessly beautiful.

RYO Lifestyle is proud to have collaborated with someone like Maria to launch a sustainable natural skin & haircare collection in June'20. Apart from its reasonable price, what we guarantee and promise is the authenticity of every ingredient used in the production of each item, that it uses nothing but natural real ingredients and 100% chemical, preservative and artificial fragrance free. Each bottle and each bar of soap is also purely handmade by Maria and her team, and no one soap is identical from one another.

This new collection is certainly no-frills , no pretense and we strongly believe over long term of using natural products our skin / hair will benefit tremendously. Head on over to any of our stores (check out our locations ) if you want to see and feel for yourselves the goodness it can do to your skin ! 


>> More info about our partner @ Bangkok Soap Opera website <<

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