Humidifiers Can Prevent Covid-19 ! Choose one that suits your needs best!

Humidifiers Can Prevent Covid-19 ! Choose one that suits your needs best!

By now we have gotten used to practicing precautions to prevent transmission of covid-19 virus. We're told to wear masks, practice social distancing, and when indoors, ensure area is well ventilated. We use sanitizers, anti-bacterial spray and even face shield for double triple protection.

What is less commonly practiced, however, is air humidification, despite numerous studies have shown that the coronavirus can spread and survive longer when temperature and humidity is low. Cases have been shown to be on the rise during cold dry seasons because the virus tends to stay better and more active in drier air, particularly when every household is blasting heaters during winter times.

Based on an article from Business Insider (source link below) , using humidifiers at home or in common areas could lower the risk of covid-19 transmission. It is advised that we keep humidity level indoors between 40% to 60% as the increased moisture to the air disrupts the so called ‘ lipid envelope’ structure of the virus making it more vulnerable and less active to infect another host.

If this is not a good enough reason to invest in one, humidifiers have long been known to be a beneficial tool to treat cough and cold symptoms in particular in toddlers or even adults with nasal allergies. Humidifiers add water to the air, which can moisturize mucus membranes and prevent physical discomfort associated with dry mouth, lips and throat.

The FDA (source link below) has recommended the use of cool mist humidifier as it helps nasal passages shrink and allow easier breathing.. There are simply 2 kinds of humidifiers in the market : the cool mist and the warm mist humidifiers of which the former is the ideal as warm mist can cause nasal passages to swell and make breathing more difficult.

It is also with the same reason at RYO Lifestyle we offer only cool mist humidifiers. All humidifiers are USB chargeable and easily portable making it very convenient to bring about wherever you go. There’s a wide variety of size and designs available to cater to each and every individual’s preferences. Some are wireless and equipped with fan, whilst others come with rhythmic mist spray and changing lights for the added touch of novelty.

Due to its wide variety of novelty design and beneficial use, humidifiers are becoming more commonly bought as gifts. One can easily pair it up with aroma essential oil (make sure it’s dissolvable in water) and you have an aroma diffuser with just one single product. Talk about killing multi birds with one stone; here’s a tool that does the job perfectly and make a bang out of your buck.

To help you choose the right one, we have narrowed down some of the top sellers in the list below:

  1. Humidifier Air Cooler <product link>
  • This is a highly functional 2 in 1 humidifier that also works as a cooling fan. Fan speed is adjustable and its sleek design perfected by rose gold vertical air vents makes it a must have for any minimalists looking for tasteful home décor and fittings.


  1. Wireless H2O Humidifier <product link>
    • A very affordable humidifier, one that is wireless and suitable for individuals who aren’t seeking for anything fancy. Minimally designed with large capacity for longer lasting mist spray , and comes with battery % indicator making it convenient to bring it around wherever.

3. Crown Humidifier <product link>

    • Here’s one for the ladies ! An adorable round humidifier in which you can also use it as facial mist spray. Simply add a few drops of your desired essential oil (make sure it can dissolve in water) and let your skin absorb the cool moisture from the goodness of the molecules. It’s lightweight and best of all, wireless making it highly convenient to carry it around!

4. Deer and Rabbit Humidifier <product link>

    • Our best seller to date , these two cuties capture attention of many due to its adorable look and without a doubt makes a lovely gift for ladies and even kids ! Its equipped with fine chrome antlers (deer) and ears (rabbit) which elevated the overall look and also comes with multi changing LED lights for the extra fun!
  1. Choo Choo Train Humidifier <product link>
    • This has got to be our store favorite, not only is this wireless but this chugging train also emits mist spray mimicking an actual vintage train! Whether it’s single , double or continual puffs this mini train keeps us entertained enough with its movable wheels (can be a toy too!) and multi changing LED lights! This coming festive season, look no further and we can totally see why this is often the first sold out item during year end !
  1. MCO Bear Humidifier (Large) <product link> 
    • MCO stands for movement control order, a term we use in Malaysia which translate to “lockdown” in other countries. This product was launched just in time when covid-19 hits worldwide and we named it MCO Bear for its coincidental design of a bear ‘trapped’ inside its home reflecting the exact situation which most of us are in during this pandemic. This is a large capacity humidifier of which you can fill up to 600-700ml water for longer lasting mist spray up to 4 hours continuously. Also comes with changing LED light , such is a perfect companion when you’re at home quarantined, otherwise an appropriate gift to those that you have missed celebrating special days with.


It is worthwhile to note that whilst humidifiers may be a good tool to prevent many diseases caused by air humidity level or respiratory viruses, it is also equally important for users to practice good cleaning care for the products itself to eliminate any potential breeding of bacteria and germs. Cottons should be left dry in open spaces when not in use, and any unused water in the container needs to be replaced with fresh ones in order for humidifier to emit clean air for the benefit of your own inhaling.


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