Dried Flower Car Diffuser Set

Dried Flower Car Diffuser Set



Ditch boring bouquets and gift flowers the unconventional way by sending your loved one a Dried Flower Car Diffuser! Not only beautiful to receive and meaningful to give, these mini-bouquets are functional and work as aroma diffusers too. These dainty sets are made with 100% real dried flowers that have been carefully curated into each petite bouquet, palm-sized at only 10-11cm tall each.

Given its miniature size, these delicate flowers have been sourced, picked and carefully arranged by hand to ensure its craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind curation. Each stem is trimmed and preserved using a special processing technique that sustainably extracts moisture from each flower while keeping unwanted pests and bugs at bay to retain its real flower pliability, freshness and vibrancy, while sustaining its natural shape and form for a lifetime without withering.



Made of Limited and Seasonal Flowers

 These everlasting mini-bouquets are put together according to the availability of each seasonal flower, limited and ready to harvest once a year with each season. They are sourced ethically through special harvesting techniques from the ground to the bouquet and secured together with craft paper and ribbon, thoughtfully matched to suit each curation accordingly. As the flowers are all natural, each mini-bouquet is uniquely yours, made of 100% real flowers where no one bouquet is exactly the same.



Durable and Preserved to Never Wither

First of its kind in the country, the Dried Flower Bouquets are unlike conventional flowers - they're mobile and safe to be delivered to your loved one, ensuring no damage upon receival. The best part is that these no-frill dried flower mini-bouquets are carefully preserved to ensure they last a lifetime! This is the perfect eternal gift for occasions that mean the most - to express long lasting love to your life partner, an important anniversary, a birthday gift for a close friend or to mark life's most memorable moments.


The Box Set includes:

  • Your choice of dried flower bouquet (average height of 10-11cm)
  • Your choice of 10ml RYO Aroma oil
  • 1 car clip and 3 round cotton pads
  • Gift tag
  • Wrapped with ribbon


How To Use:

  1. Insert a round cotton pad into the designated case behind the mini-bouquet
  2. Infuse 5-6 drops of aroma essential oil into the cotton pad. For a stronger scent, continue until cotton is fully infused with essential oil
  3. Attach the clip to secure it onto the air vents, or wherever you see fit
  4. To switch up the scent, replace the cotton pad at the back. Alternatively, you can wash and air dry its existing cotton pad before repeating steps 1-3 with a different aroma essential oil 
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