Beauty Organizers to the Rescue! Bye Bye Messy Dressers

Beauty Organizers to the Rescue! Bye Bye Messy Dressers

Do a quick count of your beauty products and chances are in under few seconds you have used up all 10 fingers to do the counting. The vain side in us, whether much or little still does not seem to justify for the increasing number of these products in our shelves and dresser. New product launches, limited editions, swear by products are simply hard to resist and when it comes to beauty, you only know if it works until you have bought, tried and tested it. So the cycle repeats itself and eventually over a period of time , your once pretty dressing table is now filled with stacks of cases and bottles, some so overwhelming that when you pull an eyeshadow platter and everything topples down together with it.

Sound familiar? Of course the easiest thing to do is to have regular spring cleaning of your stash. But we get it, sometimes despite many attempts to rearrange and dispose to our best effort, it strangely go back to square one after day 2. Still, there’s a way to your headache and there’s tools designed just for that purpose. Just like Marie Kondo who guides you in organizing homes and IKEA on introducing smart storages, we can now rely on some of these ‘beauty organizers’ to do the job for you :


1. LUX Vanity Box

Lux Vanity Box
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  • All-time best seller and one can see why. True to its name this vanity box looks absolutely luxurious with its solid matte body , nordic inspired gold legs and drawer knobs. Its wide spaced compartment is covered with transparent acrylic lid , ideal for any standard beauty product size. You will also adore its portable handle making it more mobile and that extra drawer provided is ideal for your accessories, facial mask packs and other items you wish to be hidden from public.


2. Vogue Vanity Box

Vogue Vanity Box         Click image for product link
  • Apart from its beautiful sleek exterior, we really love its pull out main compartment equipped with a center accessory rack! Just one pull and you save the trouble of having your hand topple few bottles along the way just to get to those arranged way back. How convenient and effortless can that be? It also comes with double drawers to maximize storage spaces. Simply fantastic!


3. EVA Vanity Box

EVA Vanity Box
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  • This one’s for the modern and futuristic you. It has a sleek, smooth shaped body and wait for it, a 180 degree rotatable mirror equipped with USB chargeable LED light. It doesn’t end here though, the rotated mirror reveals a hidden compartment perfect for those seeking a little more privacy and clean outlook. Did we also mention an extra bottom drawer and its LED brightness can be adjusted up to 3 levels? We think this can easily score a perfect ten for an all rounded beauty tool!


4.Eggy Vanity Box

Eggy Vanity Box
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  • We say this is a crossover of LUX and EVA and you get the best of both worlds with Eggy. Eggy can be adorable or chic or both depending on how you view it; its LED switch at the top and its exterior remind us of an egg on rotor blades and it’s probably the ONLY organizer for now that comes in yellow. Great idea to cheer up a bland space in a stylish contemporary way , don’t you think?


5.   MAXI Beauty Storage

MAXI Beauty Storage
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  • Those who simply wants something fuss-free, does its job and look minimalistic should opt for MAXI. It’s simple yet functional, with its full double transparent lids opening on both sides making it easier on our eyes to relegate the items. Spacious and airy plus it also comes with a transparent drawer and portable handle.


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