Pet Lamp Humidifier

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Choose your desired choice of pet animal humidifier which has easy absorption and provides a heavy fog of deep moisture for air and skin. This device contains a colourful night lamp that is low in brightness to help you feel comfortable and ready for bed. When combined with our RYO 15ml aroma essential oil, its smell envelops the surroundings.

  • Design choice of bear & cat
  • Spray volume: 30-50ml/h
  • Water storage capacity: 300ml
  • USB charging
  • Auto power off

Starting steps for humidifiers:

  1. Before first use, remove cotton from placeholder and soak in water. Once it's fully wet, return cotton to the placeholder.
  2. Ensure the humidifier is kept on a flat surface.
  3. Fill the humidifier with distilled water until the marked water line.
  4. Close the humidifier and plug in the device.
  5. Press the button to adjust settings* to your preference.

Humidifiers require water to generate mists. All essential oil must be diluted into water otherwise it will damage the humidifier. Recommend to use our designated 15ml oil for dilution as we cannot guarantee other essential oil won't cause blockage to the mist flow.

* Setting preferences included in manual