We provide a 30-days warranty period for all products. For electronic items. Please test the electrical items for multiple times upon receiving. 
Before shipping out your order, parcels and packaging will be inspected to ensure they're complete and in good condition. However, damages on packaging may still happen during delivery.
Based on different manufacturing processes of each kind of products, below are some conditions we'd like you to notice before purchase: 
1. Plastic and metal products: Due to manufacturing limitations, there will be inevitably some minor wears or tiny spots that will not affect the appearance of products as a whole. 
2. Fabric products: Due to manufacturing limitations, the printing position may vary due to cutting/knitting angles, and may be slightly different from photographs. Also, very slightly unstitch at the end of the thread and pilling on fabric are considered normal.
3. Ceramic and glass products: Each item shape may be slightly different due to burning or blowing process. It may also cause tiny bubbles, dark spots and uneven color from time to time.  Some products are not glazed at the bottom for anti-slip purpose. 
4. Genuine leather products: Due to raw material limitations, insect bite scars or fighting scars, vascular folds, discoloration due to capillary on the leather are deemed normal. Shades of color may vary too due to a different way of handling.
5. Original wooden products: Due to raw material limitations, original rotten marks, original tree rings, texture, and lines may vary from item shown in the photograph.
6.  Printed and dyed products: Colors may vary in every batch of fabric which may cause slight uneven in printing and peeling/dyeing color spots (approximately less than 1cm³.)
Due to various factors of online shopping, a 10-20% discrepancy in measurement and colors is considered normal. All items are packed with wrapping bag or box. There may be a slight smell of cloth or dye in new items, but the smell will fade after washing or airing dry.
All the above are within accepted scopes in international quality inspection standards, and they are not considered as defective items