Chrome H2O Humidifier

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This Chrome H2O Humidifier is designed with a rose gold chrome ring and allows user to diffuse any essential oil without diluting em into the water. This allows stronger scent for those who prefer heavier whiff instead of subtle aroma diffusing. Alternately you can also dilute essential oil into water, it's entirely up to you!

Rated Voltage: DC5V
Rated Power: 1.5W-4W
Rated Current: 300mA-500mA
Tank Capacity: 330mL
Spray: 50mL-60mL/H
Weight: 186g
Product Dimension: 97x97x141mm

* Bundle Offer comes with Humidifier + 15ml Aroma Oil worth RM35(will be selected randomly) *

1. Before first use, remove cotton from placeholder and soak in water. Once it's fully wet, return cotton to the placeholder.

2.Ensure the humidifier is kept on a flat surface.

3.Fill the humidifier with normal temperature water according to the level you prefer but do not exceed the max level indicated.

4.Close the humidifier and plug in the device. Open up the ring as indicated in the manual paper if you wish to drop essential oil for diffusing.

5.Press the button to adjust settings* to your preference.

* Kindly refer to box and manual provided with the product for more details

* Cotton ring is washable to allow switch of essential oil

** Essential oil cannot be chosen and is based on availability

** For defective electronic items, we provide a 7-days return guarantee upon product arrival. Please save your order receipt and e-mail us with the product defect reason at for exchange or replacement of the product.