Tall Pampas Grass (Pastel Colours)

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Home, office, wedding ... these timeless beauties are so effortless and versatile , it makes every corner so beautiful and stylish! It's no wonder it's trending everywhere on pinterest !


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Available in assorted colours our pampas grasses are perfect to add warmth and texture to any blank spot of your home. Whether it's against wood, concrete, or even a plain wall, these pampas are sure to elevate your living space and achieve that perfect bohoscandi vibe!

  • Our pampas are of decent height!! Minimum height of 120cm-150cm
  • Available in Turquoise, Powder Pink, Cream White & Original Brown
  • Pictures are semi blown up effect (full-blown is much fuller in size!) 
  • Price is set of 5 stalks! Avg price of only RM39 per stalk 

For the best, full-blown up effect, please follow these instructions:

  • Avoid rough pulling by hand

  • Recommended to use a hairdryer on low speed to carefully blow it up from top-down and sideways to achieve the desired effect

  • Without a hairdryer, you are encouraged to carefully 'spread' the plumes or shake the compressed grass upside down gently, without hurting its tiny stems

  • Avoid exposure to strong sunlight or non-LED light source as the colour may fade off in months

  • No water required as this is a dried plant



  • There is bound to be lotsa sheddings during unpacking for the first time and it is normal
  • Do open up the triangle box gently without pulling on the items too rough to prevent damaging the plumes
  • It is to our best knowledge that ALL pampas grass will shed (the fuller the plumes the more it sheds ) and plumes will be fuller if it's shaken or blow dry gently. 
  • You can minimize shedding by spraying clear spray on the pampas