Macaron Airpods

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Wanting to keep up with the wireless trend but unwilling to pay a hefty price? Try out our macaron airpods! Available in four vibrant colours of turquoise, yellow, pink, and grey, these airpods are bound to be the envy of your peers! 
  • USB charging
  • Colour choice of turquoise, yellow, pink & grey
  • Charging time approx 70 mins
  • Charging box can charge earphones 4 times

Connecting steps for Macaron Airpods:

  1. Ensure airpods are fully charged before use
  2. Turn on switch located on charging box
  3. Open charging box and take out the earphones
  4. To pair with phone, turn on Bluetooth settings and connect to "inpods i12" 
  5. Once paired, left earbud will flash blue, and red LED of right earbud will turn off
  6. When placed back into charging box, earphones will automatically disconnect
  7. To play/pause, press the power button of earbuds once
  8. To go to the next song, press power button of right earbuds three times
  9. To go back to the previous song, press power button of left earbuds three times

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