Dried Flower Car Diffuser

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Gift flowers the unconventional way by sending them our newest Dried Flower Car Diffusers! Not only beautiful to look at, these petit bouquets work primarily as aroma diffusers and best thing about this as compared to previous collection, is that it's easy for you to switch scent simply by replacing the cotton pad of the bouquet.

Usage Direction:
1. Insert 1 round cotton pad into the designated case behind the bouquet
2. Drip 5-6 drops of 15ml aroma essential oil into the cotton pad or until cotton absorbs aroma fully
3. Attach the clip and secure it on air vents or wherever you see fit
4. It is recommended to replace the cotton pad for change of scent, alternately you may wash and air dry the exisiting cotton pad before changing to a new scent.

Box set (craftbox with leather ribbon) includes:
- Your choice of dried flower bouquet (average height of 10-11cm)
- Your choice of 15ml RYO Essential Oil
- 1 car clip and 3 round cotton pads

** Made with 100% Real Dried Flowers!

** Handle with Care !!

Important Note:
This product serves as a novelty piece for which it shall not be compared to an actual aroma diffuser. You may use other aroma oil in substitute to 15ml Aroma Oil but we do not provide any guarantee of the effectiveness of the scent diffusion. It is well worth to note every scent is different and most of our scent leans mostly on the subtle floral note instead of strong and intense.