Hydrosol Spray

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All-natural, hydrosols functions as a toner or moisturiser that will definitely benefit your beauty routine! Our hydrosols are all handmade by Maria Kalita (Bangkok Soap Opera’s owner and maker); 100% distilled using copper alembic, a traditional tool mainly from Portugal to produce the purest antibacterial and potent essence water which contains water-soluble vitamins which are NOT present in essential oil in the market.

It is essential to note that our Hydrosols are vastly different from major markets and is not the same as flower water or essential oils which, in proper distillation process the latter only takes few seconds to produce a bottle whilst hydrosol takes 6-7 hours minimum for essences to be extracted. 

Available in Rosella, Chrysanthemum, and Turmeric, they all have their own benefits and functions to suit every type of skin!

❀ anti-bacterial, ❀ whitening, ❀ soothing for pores, ❀ prevents breakouts, ❀ prevents skin pigmentations ❀ best for normal to oily skin types 

❀ anti-wrinkle, ❀ uplifting effect, ❀ most suited for age 25 and above looking to combat tiredness and ageing, ❀ best applied under the eyes

❀ reduces allergies, ❀ reduces skin inflammations, ❀ calming effect, ❀ best for dry and sensitive skin