Organic Facial Night Serums

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Go the extra mile in your skincare routine by adding a night serum to the mix! Serums hydrate more effectively and can truly penetrate the skin at its deepest level, so why not use something all-natural for something so important? Available in Tea Tree & Rosemary, and Hyssop & Frankincense, pair it with our Hydrosols for the perfect combination!

Tea Tree & Rosemary (anti-acne)

Both tea tree and rosemary contain antimicrobial and anti-inflammation properties to help prevent acne and other skin irritants by controlling oil production.

❀ reduce swelling and redness, ❀ soothe skin tones, ❀ lighten dark and blemish spots, ❀ increase blood circulation to provide a radiant glow

Hyssop & Frankincense (anti-ageing)

Hyssop is an aromatic garden herb from a mint family traditionally used by Greeks for its anti-inflammation, anti-microbial properties. Frankincense is regarded as one of the most priced essential oil in the world. It's extracted using resin obtained from Boswellia trees grown typically in India, Africa and the Middle East. 

❀ anti-inflammation, ❀ anti-microbial, ❀ anti-ageing, ❀ improves skin elasticity, ❀ reduces wrinkles,❀ good antioxidants - prevents breakouts